I started working with Stefanie in December 2021.  I’ve had gut issues my entire life.  I was underweight, looked emaciated, did not feel well, no energy.  After the initial intake, we did blood work and the elimination diet.  What was most impactful was learning that my pancreas was not producing the enzymes needed to digest my food.  I learned my “trigger foods” and foods that I should be eating.  Throughout this journey, I’ve gained weight, feel great.  My gut is the best it’s ever been.  I’m very grateful for Stefanie’s guidance and will continue to meet with her quarterly.


Having worked with Stefanie to manage and heal from a number of chronic debilitating conditions since early 2020, I have found her to be absolutely the best health clinician of my experience over my 68 years .She’s been incredibly , thorough, knowledgeable, and tenacious in her quest to help identify, treat, and heal from a number of systemic issues including poor detoxification and gut health and chronic viral and bacterial infections .Plus her patient care website is second to none !  I highly recommend her services- especially to those suffering from stubborn chronic health conditions .


When I began working with Stefanie four years ago, I was seeking to resolve my digestive issues. I had been suffering with GERD for several years without a diagnosis, then for two years taking anti-acid medicines – which I knew become unsafe with prolonged use.

Stefanie immediately took charge and put me on a path to understand what my gut needed in order to be healthy and perform its functions well. We did several diagnostic tests focused on my digestive process and discovered that multiple enzymes, vitamins, and key natural digestive compounds were very low (and a few were very high). We started with an elimination regime in which I avoided gluten, dairy, soy, caffeine, sugar, corn, onions, tomatoes, and peppers. It sounds dramatic – but I quickly focused on all the foods that increase health in the gut and enjoyed eating lots more fruits and fresh vegetables, discovered non-dairy (cow-based) cheeses, ate lots of salads, tried new spices, and more. After reaching a baseline, Stefanie began to add some supplements. My GERD quickly reduced, the rest of my GI tract began to operate more smoothly. I was sleeping better, had more energy, and generally felt much better. When it came time to begin adding some the restricted foods back, I choose to continue to avoid all the foods as I had been doing, as it was working well. Over about 6 months, I lost 30 pounds and felt really healthy and proud of my new slim silhouette. My eating plan became easy to maintain because the results were so positive. Stefanie and I continue to work together on a maintenance basis to fine tune, trouble shoot, and also to explore how to leverage the mind-gut connection to keep both brain and gut in sync.

Stefanie is a true professional who is constantly asking questions and diligently seeking answers. She uses all kinds of diagnostic lab assessments that I’ve never heard any of my traditional medical doctors mention. She understands the results and discusses options that keep me in the driver’s seat of my health. Since retiring three years ago, I have made my health a top priority and I am firmly believe that working with Stefanie is a huge part of my success so far. I am healthier today than when I was in my thirties.