In this episode, join Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum as she sits down with Stefanie DeFiglia, a highly experienced Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner.  With a background as a Johns Hopkins-trained Nurse Practitioner, Stefanie felt compelled to explore new avenues beyond the limitations of conventional medicine.  This journey led her to discovery the power of Functional Medicine and IFM. 

As an IFM certified practitioner, Stefanie is an expert in addressing health concerns using cutting-edge tools like the IFM Elimination Diet.  However, embarking on behavior changes can be challenging for patients.  Tune in to discover how Stefanie works with health coaches to provide the best outcomes for her patients.

 In the Episode:

  • Gain insight into how practitioners and health coaches can work together to improve patient outcomes.
  • Get a sneak peek into the specifics of the IFM Elimination Diet from an IFM Certified Practitioner.
  • Learn how one NP can make a difference in her community.
  • See what steps you can take to help others through Functional Medicine.