We are pleased to introduce you to Derek Benedicto! Derek joined our team in August 2023 and is in charge of scheduling patient appointments, sending lab orders, and assisting in social media posts for Two Tree Integrative Health.  

Derek works remotely from the Philippines, where he is also a registered nurse. He started his healthcare career back in 2019 after he graduated and passed the nursing licensure exam.  Next, he proceeded to work in a private hospital as a staff nurse. Unfortunately, when COVID hit, it was time for him to explore new ways to help patients and pursue his career from an at-home setting. He found his niche as a virtual scribe back in 2021, where he worked for 2 years at a traditional medical clinic also based in the US.  His passion to continue helping patients while adapting to being in a virtual healthcare setting, is a testament to his unwavering commitment in assisting providers and delivering quality care in the ever-evolving landscape of medicine. 

Derek lives in a small island in the Philippines called Negros Occidental.  When he’s not working, you will find him out and about, especially on weekends. He enjoys spending time with his family, going on beach trips, mountain hikes, camping, and other outdoor activities.